Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm Tree Removal Cost In Perth

To provide a new aesthetic, or to reduce debris, the removal of a palm tree in Perth has its benefits. At Palm Tree Removal Perth, we pride ourselves in being Western Australia’s premier removal specialists, with competitive pricing and a range of services, we are here to help.

During the initial stages of removal, we provide Perth home and business owners a free quote and consultation. Offering some of the best prices available, we take into account several factors when quoting the cost of a palm tree removal task in Perth.

Size of the Tree

Primarily, the size of the tree will dramatically affect the entire removal process. Larger trees take longer and more team members to ensure safety and to reduce damage to surrounding areas. This will be reflected in the price. While smaller trees can take less time, every tree is different, and our professionals will know exactly what to look for when quoting after years in the removal business.

Property type

Access to the property is vital to the success of a palm tree removal. On both commercial and residential properties, if the palm is difficult to access, the removal will take longer and require more care. In proximity to fences, homes and power lines, some palms will require extremely diligent removal, therefore taking longer.


Older, decaying trees are likely to cause damage by dropping fronds. If your palm on your Perth property is of ill health, we will take extra care to ensure that there is no further damage. With effective stump removal, you can stop the spread of plant disease, and ensure that every single remainder of the palm has been removed.

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